Website Terms & Conditions

Terms of Website Design & Development:

We like to keep things simple but in order to keep things clear as well.

  • Should there by any additional requirements for the website, that’s not included within this quotation, it will be charged for at an hourly rate of  £125 p/h. In which case, we will then send a cost estimate which will need to be approved before commencing of work, and will then be added onto your monthly maintenance invoice at the end of the month. This may Include:
  • Additional Pages
  • Adding of specials / events in case your staff isn’t able too upload or make the relevant changes to the website
  • Additional functions that’s not included within the initial website quotation.
  • Should you wish to use Open Table as a reservation booking system, that would be on your own account.

The quotation does not include copywriting / photography services. Copy & images will be provided by set party in order to commence the website design & development (either by Usb, Wetranfer or dropbox)

Project Deadline:
RED Marketing submits this quotation adhering to a four week deadline, late submission of content will result in delayed deadlines.


  • 50% of Total Invoice required in order to commence project.
  • Full payment is required upon completion of website, before website is made live. Only once final balance is paid will the website be made live & update video tutorials be sent through upon request.
  • Additional Changes or Updates charged at £125 p/h (Rate applicable for 3 months)
  • Websites are like phones and need updating from time to time to keep your website secure. We offer website backup and maintenance services from £200 per month. Please enquire should you want this service.
  • Adhoc backups & updates are charged at a set fee of £187,5 should you wish not to take the monthly maintenance package
  • We provide support (no updates / changes) for 1 week after website go-live, there after an hourly rate of £125 p/h will be charged for any additional support provided.
  • Domain & Hosting is not included in the quote (This is an external service). Should you require domain & hosting then we will provide you with costings

Terms of Monthly Maintenance:
We like to keep things simple but in order to keep things clear as well. By signing up to either one of these maintenance plan options, you agree that:

  • We have unfettered access to your servers, website back office and FTP/Control Panel
  • You agree that you will pay us at the agreed rate of £200 monthly, in advance and by the 1st of each month. Only once payment has been received shall maintenance be carried out.
  • You are free to end this contract at any time by providing us with 30 days’ notice.
  • In the event of cancellation, refunds will not be given. We will continue to provide the service until the term for which you have paid has expired.
  • We endeavour to perform backups as per your chosen plans schedule but due to the nature of the internet, we cannot at any time guarantee that these backups will have the latest (minute by minute) data, images, text or other content in order to make the website work correctly and you as a client indemnify us (RED Marketing against any loss of business that may occur due to data packet loss on any and all downloaded backups that we may keep on our secure storage.
  • This service is provided during business hours, Monday-Friday 8.30am – 16.00pm (excluding weekends & public holidays)

Additional Terms:

  • If anything goes wrong with the website, due to something we might have done whilst performing a backup, updating plugins or updating the theme, the website will be restored to the backup taken prior to said changes being made, free of charge.
  • If anything goes wrong with the website, due to any reason that anyone other than an employee of RED Marketing having done, an hourly rate of £125 p/h will be charged during above mentioned business hours. An estimate will be provided and must be accepted by the client prior to any work taking place.
  • In emergency cases, such as your website going down completely, we will provide after hours support at a rate of £187,5 (1 & half times normal rate). An estimate will be provided and must be accepted by the client prior to any work taking place.
  • We install a basic security plugin within your website, the monthly maintenance package does not include security support. Should you require this service please enquire and we will send a quote.

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