Why video is essential to your marketing plan

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November 4, 2020

Trends in digital marketing come and go but one has found increased traction in an ever-changing online landscape: video, especially live streaming.

Why has it become so popular? Well, you’re virtually guaranteed instant and sustained audience engagement. According to research by US firm IMPACT, 80% of survey respondents preferred watching a live video broadcast by a company in which they’re interested rather than reading a blog. Meanwhile, 82% were in favour of a live stream instead of social media posts. Even more tellingly, a staggering 96% of those surveyed said they find videos helpful when making a buying decision. In short, your company will be more successful in promoting itself to consumers by incorporating video into a digital marketing plan.

However, not all parts of video marketing are created equal. One-on-one is the next big thing. Given the ease of shooting video – all a company really needs is a smartphone with a decent camera and a tripod or image-stabilising rig – video marketing can be tailored to specific audiences. Targeting different demographics? All you need to do is tweak the message in the video accordingly and, voila, your consumers feel like you’re speaking directly to them. Want to thank your customers for buying a product from your company? Show your appreciation in a brief clip and watch brand loyalty soar. Just keep in mind not all consumers In South Africa can afford data, or have access to Wi-Fi. Shorter is better, especially in a local context where smartphones and data to use them optimally are out of reach of many.

Still, video affords consumers insight into the company via a behind-the-scenes glimpse of operations. Simply put, you’re adding a face to the brand.

Setting up a live stream is simple, easy and cost-effective. Get the basic equipment mentioned above, compile the topics you’d like to cover, promote your live event on social media – Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, among others – and click record on the day.

Does your company have a bigger marketing budget? Well, you have the option of a streaming service specifically targeted to business marketing. Think of it as the Netflix of promotion. StreamHash is one such option.

Whichever method you use, reaching customers in an engaging, entertaining way has never been easier.

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