The price of visibility: Meta’s bold expansion of Meta Verified

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Meta Verified

May 23, 2024

Stop the scroll! Meta’s latest bombshell announces an expansion of its Meta Verified service for users, introducing three new tiers with substantial monthly subscription fees. This shift, following a trial run last fall, has stirred up a storm among small businesses and influencers alike. They’re grappling with the hefty costs imposed by the new paywall. Will this “pay-to-play” model redefine digital credibility and visibility, or will it leave small players drowning in the wake of high fees?

The high cost of Meta Verified

As the rollout begins in Australia and New Zealand, Meta dangles a tempting array of perks before its users – but at a steep price. The entry-level “standard” package, at $14.99 per month, offers Meta Verified badges, enhanced search rankings and impersonation protection. However, unlocking the full suite of features demands a hefty premium. The “plus”, “premium” and “max” plans, priced from $44.99 to a staggering $349.99 per month, promise a slew of luxuries, including link embedding in Reels posts and personalised content strategy guidance.

Meta’s VP of new monetisation experiences, Pratiti Raychoudhury, justifies the move as a response to the evolving needs of businesses and influencers. Yet, beneath the surface of innovation lies the stark reality – a significant barrier to visibility that has left small businesses and influencers up in arms. As the dust settles, they brace themselves for a new era where the price of Meta Verified is high. Discontent is palpable in Instagram comments and discussions. Will this lead to an exodus of businesses from Instagram or a shift in their focus elsewhere?

Success beyond Meta Verified

Instagram isn’t the powerhouse it used to be for brands. Due to tricky algorithm changes, the days of instant fame through the platform are fading fast. While Instagram continues to hold significance within a comprehensive digital marketing approach, it’s time for brands to think outside the box and explore new avenues. That’s where email newsletters come in. At RED Marketing, we maintain our belief in the importance of Instagram while also recognising the benefits that email newsletters offer as a valuable addition to a brand’s marketing toolkit.

With Instagram engagement taking a nosedive, email newsletters offer a ray of hope. They reach more people and get more clicks. Instagram posts are often seen by less than 10% of followers, and engagement rates can easily fall below 2%. By comparison, email newsletters will typically be opened by 40-50% of subscribers, and 10-20% will click on the content and links within. Imagine, while only a handful of your followers may see your Instagram post, almost half of your subscribers will open your email – and a good chunk of them will click on your content!

Our approach to email newsletters is simple yet strategic. We recommend starting with a monthly newsletter, planned three to six months in advance to align with your brand’s broader content strategy. And the mechanics? We swear by Mailchimp for its user-friendly interface and customisable features, ensuring seamless integration with our clients’ branding. Plus, we’re here to guide you every step of the way, from content planning to distribution strategies.

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Your insights matter to us – share your thoughts on Meta Verified and the evolving digital world in the comments below. At RED Marketing, we’re passionate about helping you navigate these shifts and harness the full potential of digital marketing. Reach out to us at for South Africa or for the UK.

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