Our top 3 digital marketing resolutions to start the new year right

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December 6, 2021

It seems like we blinked and 2021 is almost over. Now that 2022 is around the corner, it’s time to start making our New Year’s resolutions. You’ve likely considered a number of resolutions you want to follow through with in the new year, from spending more time with family and running more on the weekends to trying to cut pizza out of your diet for a while (that’s one of ours – we doubt it’ll last long, but we digress). As a digital marketer, you should also have a list of resolutions to take your marketing to the next level. Below, we’ve compiled the top 3 digital marketing resolutions from RED Marketing’s team of professionals to help you reach your goals in the coming year. Your 2022 is bound to be just as – if not more – successful than 2021.

Digital marketing resolution #1: Revitalise your content strategy

In simple terms, a content strategy is a plan in which you use content – written, visual and/or audio – to achieve your digital marketing goals. In addition to sharing content on your brand’s website, posting on social media is pivotal to amplifying its reach – not to mention attracting your target audience and keeping them engaged even after a purchase. Given Google’s assertion that quality content will gradually have a bigger impact on SEO, a successful content strategy is only going to become more important over the course of 2022. Because of this, it may be smart to revisit your content strategy plan and make sure it’s up-to-date, innovative and engaging for your customers. We recommend evaluating a variety of types of content that could work for your campaigns – popular social networks include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube. Planning on taking on a bunch of content types and need help organising and structuring them? Our blog post on our top 5 social media content calendars may come in handy. You can read more on why good content counts here.

Digital marketing resolution #2: Consider a website revamp

We all have belongings that we hold onto for too long. You know, things that are way past their prime but technically still function – such as a pair of shoes with torn laces. You put these shoes on day after day, but when you’re eventually forced to get a new pair, you can’t figure out why it took you so long to make the switch. For many digital marketers, our websites are like that pair of shoes. Even though they’re dated and could be performing better, we’re attached to them. You may have already put a great deal of time and resources into making a top-tier website for your brand, but if it’s been a while since the last time you made sufficient changes to account for new services or products – or even rebranding – then it’s time to give it a facelift. A website revamp can go a long way in bringing in new visitors and leads plus bettering your bottom line. It’s time to pull the trigger if your branding is outdated; your website just doesn’t work or isn’t mobile responsive; or you want to convert more leads, optimise the buyer journey or create a better user experience. Perhaps you want to get your business on the first page of Google?

Digital marketing resolution #3: Focus on mobile

2022 is going to be all about mobile. Don’t believe us? Well, believe this: according to Statista in 2020, as of 2019, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated about half of all website traffic globally. Now, just imagine how much that figure has grown since then. What’s more, 60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly using the search results (for example, a ‘click to call’ option), almost 25% of companies invest in mobile optimisation as a top SEO tactic and 39% of smartphone users are more likely to browse or shop a brand’s mobile app because it’s easier or faster to make a purchase. So, if you’re still under the impression that it’s absolutely fine not to worry about making your website more mobile friendly – or optimising your email campaigns for mobile – it’s time to make a new resolution. There’s no better way to enhance your sales than by marketing to the ‘mobile crowd’. Mobile-ready websites contribute to higher customer loyalty and make it easier for prospective clients to contact you. Google likes mobile-friendly content, too – its all-important algorithm prioritises mobile-responsive websites.

Hopefully these digital marketing resolutions will have you thinking about the year to come and what you’d like to accomplish by the end of 2022. What are some of the resolutions you’ve come up with for next year?

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