How to Use AR in your Marketing Strategy

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March 24, 2021

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic many brands had to look for new ways to reach their customers. With customers being confined to their homes the way we worked, shopped and socialised all changed. And one year later many of these changes are here to stay. Augmented Reality can be just the tool needed to meet the problems that come with these changes.

Augmented Reality (AR) “is the modification of a real-life environment by the addition of sound, visual elements, or other sensory stimuli.” AR is a fast-growing global trend that gives brands the ability to keep up with these changes while improving customer experience. With AR the real world and virtual world meet, and the possibilities are endless. This can provide the customers with unique experiences on their mobile devices without ever leaving their homes and can easily improve sales and enhance brand value.

Here are 5 ways your brand can use AR to stay ahead in 2021.

  1. Let customers try your products

Using AR brands can give customers the chance to try products before they buy them. By creating virtual dressing rooms or being able to use their mobile cameras to superimpose the latest sneakers, sunglasses etc., customers can experience new products in the comfort of their own homes and decide whether or not to buy them.

  1. Augmented touring

Augmented touring could be used in so many ways to provide more information in a physical store or to give your customers the experience of being right there. What about touring a car dealership with AR? An AR app could allow customers to visualise being in the store and tapping on different products could lead to more information or even provide a sensory experience like the roar of the engine.

  1. Augmented branding material

Tired of boring business cards and brochures? A virtual component to branding materials can make products stand out. Scanning a product could lead customers to a video providing more information, taking something static and turning it into an experience.

  1. Create unique experiences

With a plethora of brands all fighting for attention, AR is a tool that can be used to create unique brand experiences. AR is still a pretty new tool and as such a well-designed AR experience can increase talkability and create a buzz.

  1. Social Media

A simple way to tap into AR is through Social Media. AR filters on Instagram have been around since 2019. Brands can use AR filters to create a unique touchpoint with their customers that they can share this with their followers.

AR may have been just a novelty a few years ago but as we move into the next decade it is well positioned to become a driving force to improving sales and enhancing customer experience.

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