Barbie fever at Mall of Africa – a marketing success story through digital marketing services and strategic social media management.

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November 7, 2023

Introducing the latest addition to our case study series: Mall of Africa’s Barbie marketing campaign, in this comprehensive case study, we delve into the meticulous planning, execution, and strategic social media marketing for shopping centres, digital marketing services and campaign services of a significant marketing campaign that unfolded this year. Join us as we reveal the behind-the-scenes insights and outstanding results achieved in our mission to bring the iconic Barbie brand to life in a truly unique way.

The client

Mall of Africa, situated in Waterfall City, is South Africa’s largest shopping mall constructed in a single phase. Spanning over 130,000m² of retail space, it houses more than 300 shops, including numerous flagship stores. Beyond its diverse selection of local and international brands, the mall features thoughtfully designed court areas for easy navigation, ensuring exceptional access, location, and visibility. Inspired by Africa’s natural beauty, the mall’s architecture blends seamlessly with its surroundings. Strategically positioned, it serves as a prominent super-regional mall, offering shoppers an array of exciting new stores such as Armani Exchange, along with popular brands like H&M and Versace, supported by our comprehensive digital marketing services.

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The digital marketing services challenge

Mall of Africa sought RED Marketing’s expertise to enhance the social media performance of the shopping centre, including content curation, platform management, and strategic social media management and campaign services for malls. We began the partnership on 10 July 2023, becoming the mall’s social media agency facing the challenges of curating tailored content for 300 stores annually, maintaining an appealing Instagram feed, managing all social media platforms, elevating social media reach, boosting engagement, and growing the mall’s social media audience.

The digital marketing services implementation

Our approach began with a thorough understanding the shopping centre’s objectives, leading to the development of a social media content strategy and content curation through video and photography that incorporated campaigns and tenant content aligned with monthly themes. Instead of hasty changes, we prioritised observation and client needs, proceeding with measured adjustments. In the initial month, Mall of Africa’s social media pages operated without any social media advertising spend, allowing us to evaluate the organic social media performance of the mall. An opportune moment arose with the Barbie Movie launch in July, where Mall of Africa partnered with Ster-Kinekor for the premiere at their cinema. We responded swiftly by crafting a Barbie-themed social media calendar, featuring a mix of sourced, shared, and custom content, commencing on 10 July 2023 and running until 27 July 2023, leveraging our strategic social media management and campaign services and digital marketing services.


The digital marketing services results

Across various platforms, our team has achieved remarkable social media marketing results, from substantial organic social media growth on Facebook to a striking increase in engagement on Instagram for the mall. Furthermore, our dedicated Barbie campaign successfully captured the attention of a vast audience, amplifying the mall’s reach and engagement to exceptional heights. This summary showcases the outcomes of our strategic social media management and campaign services, digital marketing services, and campaign execution.


  • Organic page growth month on month: 418 followers
  • Post reach: 38.4% increase
  • Total reach: 1,974,789 screens
  • Reach month on month: 780,357 increase
  • % growth month on month: 65.3% increase
  • Reach year on year: 1,229,576 increase
  • % growth year on year: 110% increase
  • Page visits: 34,784
  • Page visits: 5,779 increase MoM
  • % page visits: 20% increase
  • Total engagement: 145,465
  • % increase: 101.6% increase
  • Total impressions: 2,341,076 screens


  • Organic profile growth month on month: 712
  • Post reach: 174% increase
  • Total impressions: 205,697
  • Impressions month on month: 44,204 increase
  • % growth month on month: 27.4% increase
  • Year on year: 37,427 increase
  • % growth year on year: 22.2% increase
  • Page visits: 6,284
  • Page visits: 1,806 increase MoM
  • % page visits: 40.3% increase
  • Total engagement: 6,473
  • % increase: 660% increase
  • Total reach: 52,714 screens


  • Reach: 11,501
  • Comments: 11
  • Retweets: 21
  • Likes: 110
  • Followers gained: 93
  • Impressions: 12,300
  • Impressions MoM: 10,775 increase
  • % MoM: 707%

Organic results for Barbie campaign only

  • Reach: 553,727
  • Engagements: 53,830
  • Likes: 2,196
  • Comments: 271
  • Shares: 250
  • Followers: 1,249 in 27 days

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