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Red Marketing Case Study

May 22, 2024

Understanding social media from the automotive industry customers’ perspective

Cars are both an emotional and practical purchase. When buying one, customers ask themselves what a car brand says about their brand image. The decision includes many factors like the brand, aesthetics, practicality, vehicle trends, technology, safety, reliability, brand reputation, pricing, deals, aftercare, maintenance and resale value.
Social media is just that – social. It is important to remember that these channels are optimally used when posts are engaging. Google defines social media as, “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.”

Social media has allowed for a two-way conversation like never before. Newspaper, magazine and TV advertising have seen their day. This is due to their one-sided communication approach. Social media caters predominantly for Generation X, Millennials and now the iGeneration. Social media allows brands to connect more deeply with these generational customers.

Advertising in social media should be subtle; when the audience is interested in pursuing a sale, the user experience must be easy and practical. The design of Facebook, Instagram and other social channels and the psychology of the user need to be considered when marketing a brand.

Tone and visual image

RED Marketing has been marketing cars for the last ten years*. Over the years, we have learned which communication strategieswork best for this type of product and service.

It is our understanding that social media communications should be bright, friendly, visually appealing, articulate and engaging in order to benefit the follower. Content should be curated for the follower or ultimately, they will move on. Generally, if the content appears like an advertisement, the audience switches off.

Content curation should be creative, dynamic, high-quality and in line with the brand’s image and OEM guidelines. Overall, it must be memorable, interesting, informative and friendly, while provoking emotion and engagement. Through this communication strategy, you build trust and loyalty.

RED Marketing is a 360-degree agency and has a host of other services that can be offered to support your brand, from website development to SEO and PPC to PR and even influencer and event management.

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