5 new Facebook Pages features every business owner needs to know

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New Facebook Pages feature

September 26, 2022

Every time we log into Facebook, we find that a new feature has popped up – or that one we’ve become familiar with has disappeared. Business owners have a lot to keep up with if they want to fully leverage the options Facebook has to offer. So, what are some of the new Facebook Pages features that are must-know for marketers? If you’re looking for answers, we have them for you. Keep scrolling to find out about Facebook Pages’ new features and redesigned layout.

New Facebook Pages feature #2: Easy account switching

This is perhaps the most significant new feature. Facebook is making it easier for Facebook Page admins to switch between their personal profile and their Page using a ‘switcher’. You can access this feature by tapping the three-line icon on the bottom left of the main navigation bar.

New Facebook Pages feature #2: Dedicated News Feed

In an effort to help foster community building, Facebook Page admins can now view a dedicated News Feed that’s separate from their personal feed. What’s more, the dedicated News Feed will suggest trending content and new connections such as other Pages, Groups and public figures.

New Facebook Pages feature #3: Improved page management tools

Perhaps the most interesting new Facebook Pages feature, Facebook is introducing task-based management tools and admin controls. Facebook Page admins will be able to grant varying levels of permissions to manage tasks such as insights, ads, content and community activity.

New Facebook Pages feature #4: Actionable insights

Facebook hasn’t released too much information on this new feature yet. However, a help page states, “Updated insights will help you understand your audience and how your content performs.” We believe that the improvements will also include more relevant notifications.

New Facebook Pages feature #5: Safety and integrity features

Hooray! Facebook is improving its ability to detect hate speech, impersonation and violent, sexual or spammy content. In addition, the social media platform is making the blue ‘verified’ badges more visible so that authentic Facebook Pages and profiles are easier to identify.

So, what Facebook Page features are getting removed?

The good news is that Facebook Page admins will continue to have access to everything they did previously – well, almost. The only feature that’s getting removed is Page Likes. Facebook has shifted this to Followers “to simply the way people connect with their favourite Pages”.

We’d love to know your thoughts on the new Facebook Pages features that Facebook is rolling out. Let us know in the comments below!

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